The Death of the Newspaper = Me Having to Pay to Read NYT Online?

December 28, 2009 1 comment

Pretty much from the start of my college career, professors have been preaching that newspapers are dying and eventually will become obselete in the world of mass communication. And it does make sense. I prefer my news right now and do not want to have to wait for the next day’s paper to arrive at my door, but charging me to read something that has always been free? This is blasphemy. Newspapers recieve the majority of their funding from advertising dollars anyway. And what is the overhead costs of making news free online? Think of all the money they would save by making everything online. So why charge NYT? But NYT is not the first to arrive to the party,  Rupert Murdoch, the chairman and controlling shareholder of News Corporation, has already been charging consumers to access the Washington Street Journal. (Thank you WVU for free Lexis-Nexis).

iTunes better be watching the magazine industry, because it sounds like the magazine industry is looking to replicate Apple’s technology. If they really think that Apple will just roll over, think again. According to NYT, magazine publishers:

have banded together to try to create their own version of the iTunes store, aiming for a day when they can sell enhanced versions of what they have been giving away. And more and more media companies are planning to charge for apps on iPhones and other mobile devices, as well as on the Amazon Kindle and other e-readers.

And these are the days of our lives…LOL. Emerging media, always changing so better not blink.


This is the Face of Emerging Media and She has the Fashion World at her Feet

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Tavi Gevinson, author of Style Rookie

There is no age requirement to take advantage of the audience afforded by emerging media. Blogs have opened the door for anyone – no matter where they live – to publicize their personal style. Tavi Gevinson, author of Style Rookie has the fashion world foaming at the mouth. According to a New York Times article, Tavi “was feted by designers, filming promotions for Target, flown to Tokyo for a party with the label Comme des Garçons and writing a review of the collections for no less than Harper’s Bazaar.” Pretty good for a 13-year-old right? She was a special guest in the front rows of New York Fashion Week shows, making the rounds from Maria Cornejo to Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.

 Bryan Boy, another emerging, popular fashion blogger has even got a purse named after him in the Marc Jacobs collection.  Bryan Boy, a blogger who is obsessed with fashion’s elite designers even is seated only two seats away from Anna Wintour reports NYT. The NYT described at the shows this year, there were more seats reserved for editors from Fashionista, Fashionologie, Fashiontoast, Fashionair and others, and fewer for reporters from regional newspapers that can no longer afford the expense of covering the runways due to the economy. But the truth is, fashion bloggers like Bryan Boy do not want to be pitted against journalists. According to Bryan Boy himself:

 “I’ve said this before many, many times… what’s beautiful about the internet though is that it opened up a platform for anyone who wants to be heard. Whether you’re a 13-year old who posts commentary about the latest collections or an 18-year old girl from Texas who wants to share photos of her (very expensive, if I may add) footwear acquisitions, everyone is entitled to to be heard online and for some people to downplay such voices as mere noise or worst, online flotsam and jetsam, is, a bit harsh.”

WVU is Training Tomorrow’s Digital Marketers

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West Virginia University is again stepping up to the plate to keep their programs relevant to the changing business landscape. The university is the only other school besides Northwestern University to offer a master’s degree in integrated marketing communication and now will offer a graduate certificate in digital marketing. According to the school:

The Digital Marketing Communications (DMC) Certificate Program from the P.I. Reed School of Journalism at WVU is designed for professionals who want to strengthen their skills in digital marketing communications.

Professionals interested in obtaining their certificate should start by visiting the program’s Web site to obtain admissi0ns requirements. The program Web site states that most professionals complete one of the five courses per nine-week term. The school is also very flexible in terms of admissions:

Students are admitted to the Digital Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate program three times per year, in the Early Fall and Early Spring sessions. The Digital Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate program operates on a rolling admissions process.

The five courses offered to students are fresh and innovative. Students can expect to take the following five courses to complete their graduate certificate:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Viral, Buzz & W.O.M. Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Production for Interactive Media

The program is brand new, and just the start of changes at the PI Reed School of Journalism.  For more information about the certificate and requirements, and information regarding the already in place integrated marketing communications program, visit the program’s Web site here.

What PR Firm has the Most Interactive Web site? EDELMAN…Were you that surprised?

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Despite recent controversy, Edelman has grown to be a great example of how corporate institutions can employ emerging media to build their brand. Not only is this a testimony of their capabilities to their clients, but to students like myself studying the changing world of mass communication. Forget direct mail pieces, bring on the CEO blogs representing corporate leadership, wikis, Facebook groups and Tweets.

Richard Edelman has been able to build the Edelman brand as one of the most recognizable and acclaimed PR agencies since 1952. As busy as being the president and CEO of the “PR Agency of the Year 2009” may be, he still finds time to contribute to the blogosphere in his 6am blog. On top of his blog, he also maintains his own personal Twitter account.  This only contributes to the brand, as many know, you want a company that can deliver on new media intiatives, and this just illustrates that Edelman is all about embracing the new.

Even though the brand operates around the globe, employees can access other offices and colleagues by visiting the speak up page of the Edelman Web site. This page links up Twitter and blogging accounts to keep tabs on corporate members and divisions. There is even a blog for corporate change and employee engagment. The most recent post gives employees a reading list they may want to start to learn more about impending changes in 2010. The blog which addresses employee relations is a great way to foster a community environment and make such a large brand feel like a small, intimate office.

Edelman is doing all the right things.

Keeping Up with Your Favorite CEOs in the Blogosphere

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CEOs of large multi-national organizations are keeping consumers up-to-date with an in-depth view of their brands and the day-to-day happenings in the industry in which they operate.

Emerging Media superpower CEOs are staying true to form by keeping up their personal blogs for avid followers. Jonathon Schwartz, chief executive officer and president of Sun Microsystems has beenvlogging and  blogging since June 28, 2004. It has provided a great way for customers to understand where the company is and where it is going.

Another great CEO blogger is Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist. Craig Newmark, a former software engineer and former employee of IBM, started Craigslist in San Francisco in 1995.  He started his blog in September of 1993.

J. Willard Marriott Jr., CEO of  Marriott International, most commonly known as “Bill” on his blog writes as if he is writing to family members. While Bill does not update as frequently as the other two examples, he does update once a week on average to keep the blog relevant and up-to-date. Bill’s blog is one of my favorite examples of how blogs can create a face for a brand, and make a brand seem more appealing and human.  Compared to Schwartz’s and Newmark’s blogs, it is easy to navigate, read and search for key terms. The blog was designed for ease of use. The verbage is also easy to understand and is designed for the every day consumer.

While these are only three examples, it definitely shows that the corporate Blogosphere is very diverse and provides consumers a way to keep tabs on their favorite brand leaders.

Honda has a new home on Facebook

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The Honda Facebook Fan Portal

 Brands are making their presence known on Facebook. Their influence is everywhere from their advertisements to their Facebook fan pages and their sponsored advergames. The social network that began as a way for students to keep in touch with their peers has grown into an international branding triathalon. So who is performing better than ever due to their ever-evolving presence on Facebook? Honda.

Honda not only has a brand fan page, but each of its models have their own Facebook fan pages. The brand has described its presence on Facebook as a social experiment. In August, Honda quietly launched an official Facebook page, themed “Everybody Knows Somebody Who Loves a Honda,” to recruit fans of the brand. According to Advertising Age, owners are encouraged to join as overall Honda fans as well as fans of a specific model, and to learn how they are connected to friends, family members and other owners around the world. Visitors can upload photos of their cars or link up to owners of their favorite old Honda.

Currently the fan page has over 250,000 members, or just about 2 million ‘connections.’ But has it really increased the sales for Honda? That is still to be determined. They have been successful in getting interactive connections established with customers. What is wonderful about Honda is the fact that every promotional piece they take on is uniform to its other efforts in the marketing mix. From its fan page on Facebook to its television commercials, the brand has a unique feel of a family, and who is not loyal to their family?

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Universities’ Web Sites Going Mobile-Friendly

December 7, 2009 1 comment

Were you aware that your alma-mater has a mobile-friendly Web site? Neither did I until I checked out West Virginia University’s mobile Web site. West Virginia University’s mobile Web site puts vital information about the university at the finger tips of students on the go. Students can learn about emergency bulletins, athletic events, view an interactive campus map, check out campus news and events and browse the university-wide directory for faculty, staff and students. West Virginia University even has its own iPhone application, iWVU. Students using the iWVU application can access:

• Interactive Campus Map
• Mountain Line Bus Route Planning through Google Maps
• Emergency Services Contact Sheet
• Library Information and Schedules
• Live Streaming U92 Radio
• Football Schedule and Information
• On-Campus Dining Information, including menus and hours
• PRT Operating Schedule and Maps
• Links to relevant internet resources

Duke University has also launched a mobile-friendly Web site and even step it up a notch. Currently students and other browsers can view:

  • Places: Look up dining locations on campus and see what’s on the menu, and get location information on all Events@Duke and buzz events, as well
  • DukeCard: Check balances, add money to accounts, review recent transactions, even cancel a lost or stolen card
  • Events:Check out listings from Events@Duke and the student calendar, buzz, and then view event locations on the campus map
  • Map:Search for Duke buildings, find them on the map and see your relative location, and zoom or pan across the map using the multi-touch interface
  • News:See all Duke’s news feeds consolidated in one place, and depend on the new icon to inform you when you receive an emergency alert or IT outage notice
  • Images: Get access to thousands of digital images from the Duke Libraries’ collections, and choose from a separate set of Duke wallpapers to customize the look of your iPhone screen
  • Directory: Look up Duke faculty, staff and students, store contacts with a few taps, and use the e-mail or phone capabilities of your device to connect
  • Athletics: Pick up Duke sports news, schedules and up-to-the-minute scores
  • Courses:Pull course descriptions, times and locations from the Duke course schedule, and tap to map the location or contact the professor
  • Videos: Get Duke iTunes U and YouTube content

Gone are the days when we have to access course descriptions and register in person, we just need a PDA phone and a few minutes between our first cup of coffee and work.